Hi, I’m @ldesserrey

Product guy constantly designing simple and elegant digital products on Sketch. Recently launched Leak that went from an idea to prestigious publications in only 72 hours without fundings. Co-founded an angel-backed startup called Pins during the last year of my Master's degree. Published a few amusing tumblrs such as If they had the Internet that made 170,000+ visits in 2013. Also commenting on Product Hunt

Also launched in 2013 an ad-free online service allowing you to receive (and download) once a week in your inbox 3 movies currently in theatre for free. Obviously closed for legal matters 30 days and 10,000+ users after launch. Also interested in cryptocurrencies, I have built a performing GPU mining rig thanks to Reddit fellows.

Available from mid-November. Hit me up to hire me or just to say “Hi!”. You can reach me over email at laurent.desserrey@gmail.com or on twitter @ldesserrey to get a quicker answer.